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October 05 2013

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Hidden Pumpkin Pound Cake {you must click link for FULL tutorial}

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I am a grown ass adult who makes grown ass adult money that I should be saving for important grown ass adult things.

But all I’ve ever wanted was a Tuxedo Mask costume to wear for Halloween and I am so fucking close to just saying fuck it and buying one online……..

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Ichabod Crane + confusion

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will i dream

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episode chapter act 4 of the incredible gay show, dorito faced bad touch sempai san and shota boy: the sex scene of power and love love part 1

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A tribute to Hayao Miyazaki and his amazing films

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ok but can we talk about this


Aang is about the strike the final blow and kill Ozai while in the Avatar state, and all the past Avatars of all the Four Nations are speaking through him, but he stops, and the glow fades from his tattoos


and the fire and the water and the earth drops away, and all he’s left with is Air, his native element, the element of a people that were wiped out, and the air surrounds him with this simple grace and dignity


and it’s like, even with all the power in the world, Aang remembers who he is, he remembers what he learned from the monks, he remembers his heritage, and he stays true to it. It’s no accident that Air is the element he’s left with when all the others fall away, that it’s Air he’s surrounded by when he comes out of the Avatar state and decides to spare Ozai’s life.

The Air Nomads were wiped out by ambush because they had no military power, Aang was brutalized in his fight with Ozai because of his mercy, and everyone, including his friends and past lives, were urging the necessity of killing OzaI. Ozai himself taunts Aang “your people didn’t deserve to exist in this world, in MY world”. But against all this, Aang refuses to let go of the ideals of compassion and mercy. He refuses to believe that power and violence are the only ways. Aang sparing Ozai was the last, bittersweet stand of the Air Nomads: not vengeance but true justice, an affirmation of the power of their beliefs, an assertion that the ways of peace, freedom and forgiveness are vital for the world.

I mean, how much courage does that take, when your entire culture has been wiped out by a violent world, to still say “No. What my people believed has value, has strength.”



I am sitting here all nice and cozy and curled up with my bigass blanket just trying to have a nice relaxing night in, y’know?

So I thought that maybe now would be a good time to wind down with some snk, since I haven’t really watched it in a while and I want to get caught up because dang it looks like everyone seems to be having a good time with it! What could possibly go wrong?

Why do I keep doing this to myself….

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You sure you don’t want a bucket of punch, Haru?

I’m so prepared for halloween!

I’m so NOT prepared for Free! to end this week!!

I should stop doing this big day-long project pieces. They always end up looking 20x’s worse than my sketches OTL




Some perspective and hand practice :U



what if after the first class trial everyone goes to explore the second floor only to find a room filled with marijuana and they all agree not to tell ishimaru because they know he’ll bust them

and after that all the killing just stops because everyone is constantly blazed out of their fucking mind and ishimaru has no idea what the fuck is going on


























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Everything will be all right.

With everyone’s strength, we can all share the same feelings.

Don’t forget. Always, somewhere, someone is fighting for you.

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I imagine the Elementary gang having late night diner breakfast after a long case, and exchanging bizarre Sherlock stories. Had to include Alfredo, of course, because he is the man.

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Karene B

Concept: Jon Emmony, Lou Stoppard

Direction: Jon Emmony

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October 04 2013

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I really liked my uncut version, so heres a spooky fef

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Attention cyberpunk enthusiasts and lovers of classic Saturday morning cartoons - Rainmaker Entertainment is rebooting Reboot! No word on how true to the original material the new show will be - all though based on the fact that it’ll be released on the 20th anniversary of the first Reboot, it might be safe to assume they won’t stray far from the original version. If only they were to base it off the redesigns by Matt Rhodes; that would be amazing! But who am I kidding, I loved Reboot as a kid - I’d even be happy if they stuck these people (awesome cosplay) in a room and just filmed them reading scripts. You can read the full press release below!

VANCOUVER, BC (September 30, 2013) – A renowned global animation brand is about to be re-booted.  Reflecting the company’s commitment to the production of animated programming for television, Rainmaker Entertainment Inc. has named its television division Mainframe Entertainment.

In conjunction with the re-birth of Mainframe Entertainment, a name celebrated for its pioneering achievements in computer-animated television, the company has unveiled the first two series in development: an all-new version of the popular ReBoot franchise and Tiger’s Apprentice, a CGI animated series based on the trilogy of young adult novels written by award-winning author Laurence Yep.

The reimagining of the venerable ReBoot series comes just in time for its 20th anniversary.  Making its debut on television screens in 1994, ReBoot was centered on the world of Mainframe, where a guardian program sprite and his friends defended the system from superviruses bent on creating havoc and destruction. Mainframe Entertainment will team with leading computer industry manufacturers to update the ReBoot universe and create a ground-breaking viewing experience for fans.

Mainframe has also partnered with Jane Startz, the multi- Emmy, Golden Globe and ACE Award-winning producer of Ella Enchanted, The Indian In The Cupboard, Tuck Everlasting and the acclaimed The Magic School Bus. Tiger’s Apprentice, a coming of age story centered around 12-year-old Tom Lee and the Guardians of the Phoenix.  Set in San Francisco, this modern-day fantasy is filled with classic Chinese lore, magic, comedy and action as Tom and the Guardians fight to protect the human race from ancient evil forces intent on its destruction.  Mainframe has optioned the animation rights to Tiger’s Apprentice as part of its commitment towards bringing popular book-based children’s properties to television.

 “We are excited to focus our television production activities under the Mainframe brand with an all-new version of ReBoot as well as engage with celebrated children’s programming producer Jane Startz on Tiger’s Apprentice.  ReBoot is certain to be embraced by a new generation of fans while Tiger’s Apprentice will provide a bold and unique television experience for kids everywhere,” said Michael Hefferon, President and Executive Producer of Mainframe parent Rainmaker Entertainment

Acquired from Starz Media in 2006 by then newly-established Rainmaker Entertainment, Mainframe Entertainment was responsible for an impressive  production slate throughout the 1990’s and early 2000’s, including several seasons of ReBoot, as well as the critically-acclaimed ‘Transformers’ spin-off Beast Wars.   Mainframe credits also include Weird-Oh’s, Spider-Man, Action Man, Heavy Gear, Max Steel, Scary Godmother andBarbie. 

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